Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chair (A Dream)

Adonis (2008)
(translated from Arabic by Michael Beard and Adnan Haydar)

Long ago I screamed at the city:
Husk of the world,
I'm holding you in my hand.
Long ago I muttered at the ship,
my song in a rose-red blaze:
all or nothing.

As for you, my grandchildren, I'm tired,
tired of myself, tired of the seas.
Bring me that chair.


dan said...

from The New Yorker (May 12, 2008)


Re: A "bring it on" poem (for old people).

Sayeed Abubakar said...

The poem published here does not make us that Adonis is a great poem as he has been propagated by the media. There are many living Adonis in Bangladesh whose poems are world standard.