Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Daemon

Louise Bogan (1929)

Must I tell again
In the words I know
For the ears of men
The flesh, the blow?

Must I show outright
The bruise in the side,
The halt in the night,
And how death cried?

Must I speak to the lot
Who little bore?
It said Why not?
It said Once more.


dan said...

from Poetry Speaks

Louise Bogan

sample from the above link:

The writing process for Bogan was painful and exacting; poems came rarely and at a cost. Her poem "The Daemon" depicts her muse as a monster demanding revelations again and again.

There is also a Pulitzer Prize winning biography by Elizabeth Frank: Louise Bogan: A Portrait (1985)

Shah Bano said...

So much for the " Do More" doctrine