Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Address to Senior Class

William Stafford

Coming down the hill into this town
I tried to hold in mind the worth of your lives,
to be able to help when Main Street isn’t enough any more:
what of the silent storm that is happening now
inside you, the minutes adding to days, and the days
to years, and the time coming when you will lean
for the air that was rich, for the sunbeam, for the sound
going away? I stopped by the roadside to raise
a handful of dust, as the Indians did, to pour it
slowly out and let it fall in a cloud
and the grains tumble together. “This is today,”
I sang. I sang for you till the sun went down.


dan said...

from The Way It Is

a bit ago I thought, "I think I already posted a poem today", only to discover that I hadn't posted since Monday.

ethan said...

William Stafford is fast becoming one of my favorite poets