Thursday, April 12, 2007

Apollo's Kiss

Emily Fragos

Devise Cassandra. Become her, in possession,
and the world becomes perfect. For even gods
crave perfection. Desire her like a man
and like a man be refused in all your desire.
Surrender: Beg a first and last kiss and pray
she will acquiesce, her virtue stirred.
Then, breathe into her mouth the powered
prophecy and for all you are losing
—the deprivation she will give and give—
release her half-gifted as you are, half-mortal.

In the courtyard, animals are captured
by their hind legs, held up on haunches,
throats slashed. She walks on burning
stones. Swift, it is slaughtering season.

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dan1968 said...

when I first read this I wasn't familiar with the Greek mythology of Cassandra and Apollo so I looked it up and thought it was interesting, and helpful to reading the poem: Cassandra/